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The Statue of Equality – Sitting Statue Number Two in World

The Statue of Equality –

statue of equality

The Statue of Equality is the second-largest sitting statue in the world.

Sri Ramanujacharya’s 216-foot statue was inaugurated on February 5th by the honorable Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

He was a saint in the 11th century and gave a message of equality. People seem to wonder how the enormous statue of Saint Ramanuja Chary has been made. It was created by the devotion of its devotees.

It takes a lot of effort to make an enormous statue of Saint Ramanuja Chary. There is an engagement of the labor force and artistic work. It results from Chinna Jeeyar Swamy’s determination and the performing style of Chain’s Aerosun Corporation.

They made the plan to install the statue of equality in 2013. They put it forward in 2014. The Chinna Jeeyar Swamy received 14 different samples, and they selected three of them. The latter three variations merge into a single. They sent it to Bengaluru for 3D scanning.

India’s Statue of Unity is the biggest sculpture on the world, trailed by China’s Spring Temple Buddha, and Myanmar’s Laykyun Sekkya. Statue of Unity (Height: 182 m) Completed in 2018, the Statue of Unity portrays Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel and is the tallest sculpture in the world. The statue is situated in Gujarat, India.

Facts About The Statue of Equality –

The multiple software prepared the soft file. They spent 18 to 19 hours over 22 days trying to get the eventual outcome. Chinna Jeeyar Swamy spent 3 to 4 hours giving instructions to the team to make progress.

There was a requirement to make improvements to statues, including Shilpa Shastra and agama. They handed the last final draft to China’s Aerosun Corporation.

The company got an order to make the statue in 2015. They completed the casting work in China. After completing work there, it brought statues to India. It came in 1600 pieces. Seventy members of Aerosun Corporation came here to assemble at the project site.

The installation took place in 2017-18, taking about 15 months. The contract with the Chinese company was signed by Jupally, chairman of My Home Group of Industries, on behalf of Sri Ramanuja Sahasrabdi organizers.

Cost of the Statue of Equality –

They made the statue of equality from panchaloha, 83 percent copper, silver, gold, zinc, and titanium. The cost of this statue is around Rs. 135 crore.

History of Shri Ramanuja –


The Statue of Equality is also known as the Ramanuja Statue. He was a saint of the 11th century Vaishnava Ramanuja. Sri Ramanujacharya was a glowing motivation for unity and integrity. He was born in the South, but they influenced the whole of India.

It was on the premises of the Chinna Jeeyar Trust at Muchintal, Hyderabad. We consider it the second-tallest sitting statue in the world. The trust makes it in remembrance of the 1000 years of Ramanuja’s birth.

The trust gets donations from its devotees worldwide. This contribution helps with the project. They spread the teachings of Shri Ramanuja by building the memorable statue.

The ground floor of the building has 6000 square meters and shows the life and philosophy of Ramanuja. This place is for daily worship and is on the second floor, measuring 27,870 square meters. It has 1,365 square meters on the third floor.

They used it for a digital Vedic library and research center. There is an Omnimax theater that is in the shape of a planetarium. It features the life stories of Shri Ramanuja.

Sum Up –

People now easily see the Statue of Equality in India. It is the second-largest sitting statue and spreads the teachings of Shri Ramanuja Acharya. People from all over the world are coming to see this statue in India. The building has also become a popular tourist attraction in India that attracts people from all over.

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