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New species of butterfly

New species found in Sikkim’s Dzongu –

new species of butterfly

A new species of butterfly was accidentally discovered by a shooter taking filmland of insects in Sikkim. The new species, which has ago been named Chocolate- framed Flitter, has the scientific name Zographetus dzonguensis. It has been named after the place in which it was discovered, Dzongu in north Sikkim. Its closest cousins are Zographetus pangi in Guangdong, and Zographetus hainanensis in Hainan, both in southeastern China, close to Hong Kong, says Dr. Kunte.

Sonam Wangchuk Lepcha, from Dzongu in north Sikkim, has been shooting butterflies since 2016, but little did he know that one day he’ll make a discovery of new species. Wangchuk Lepcha sends the prints he clicks of the butterflies to the National Centre for Biological Lores (NCBS) in Bengaluru to identify the insects and upload them on the ‘Butterflies of India’ website.

Questions about New species of butterfly –

  • Que: Chocolate-bordered Flitter, which was seen in the news, is a recently discovered………….species.
    • Ans: Butterfly
  • Que: Where has the new butterfly been discovered.
    • Ans: Discovered at Dzongu in north Sikkim.
  • Que: What is the name of a new species of butterfly.
    • Ans: Chocolate-bordered Flitter

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