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December 2021

new species of butterfly

New species of butterfly

New species found in Sikkim’s Dzongu – A new species of butterfly was accidentally discovered by a shooter taking filmland of insects in Sikkim. The new species, which has ago been named Chocolate- framed Flitter, has the scientific name Zographetus dzonguensis. It has been named after the place in which… Read More »New species of butterfly

new variant new omicron

Omicron Variant

Omicron Variant – After the Alpha, Delta, Gamma variants of covid, there’s a new variant in the Market. The new Variant has been named the Omicron Variant Or the B.1.1.529. It was first discovered in Country Botswana. It is an African Country but Scientists from South Africa had deported this… Read More »Omicron Variant